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AIXTRON’s new Close Coupled Showerhead® MOCVD AIX R6 system fulfills your requirements for LED mass manufacturing. Equipped with numerous technical innovations, the system will lower your operational costs significantly, while simplifying usability and process control.
The AIX R6 has been designed for the production of LEDs based on Gallium Nitride (GaN) and can be delivered in 12x6-, 31x4-, 121x2-inch wafer configurations.

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AIX R6: 6 commitments to customer performance.

  • Framework for LED production

    • Enabling short time-to-production
    • Customer service and support specialists
    • System parameters optimized for mass production

  • Systematically lowest Cost of Ownership
  • Large reactor capacity 121x2 inch, 31x4 inch and 12x6 inch
  • Maximized throughput

    • Automation
    • Continuous runs
    • Reliability and uptime

  • Intrinsic yield and uniformity by Close Coupled Showerhead
  • Focus on user friendliness

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AIX R6 product brochure: Crucial benefits for your business success!

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